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Egan Group - Maximizing Value in Medical Products
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Egan Group Services

Drawing on the extensive and diverse experience of the principals as well as network of associates, the Egan Group designs management services programs to suit the needs of healthcare product technology entities, from early stage start-ups to diversified multi-divisional, multi-national corporations.

Management Partnerships

The Egan Group believes that the most effective process to maximize value for all stakeholders is through the creation of Management Partnerships. The Management Partnership concept involves the establishment of mutual commitments which align objectives to assure timely and successful achievement of milestones. In a marketplace that is heavily regulated, inherently conservative and slow to change, the creation of value does not occur overnight. Value creation is achieved through the development of differentiated and unique strategies which are successfully executed over a period of months or years. The formation of the Management Partnership assures value outcomes by the integration of experienced Egan Group members and associates who are fully committed to partners’ specific business objectives. Our unique approach includes serving as members of our partners’ management teams while spearheading the creation and execution of tactics and strategies. Egan Group’s role responsibilities assure a sense of ownership and accountability for achieving the enterprises’ objectives and timelines. Our partnership philosophy is further characterized by our terms and conditions which provide for a fee structure combined with equity eligibility thus aligning goals and incentives while further capitalizing on the use of proceeds.

Project Services

The Egan Group pool of expertise can also be accessed for specific individual project assignments by emerging or established healthcare entities as well as investors. Following is an overview of the scope of project initiatives:


Strategic Planning
Corporate Repositioning and Profiling
Technology Licensing
Technology Assessment
Productivity and Profit Enhancement
Interim Management
Exit Strategy Development
Market Development
Due Diligence

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