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Egan Group - Maximizing Value in Medical Products
Egan Group - strategies and tactics

Egan Group Approach

The Egan Group has extensive experience in the development and management of various scopes of commercial enterprises. Drawing upon these experiences, the Egan Group is strongly focused on delivering measurable results through the creation of unique solutions and strategies from concept stage through execution. Our contribution to maximizing value for stakeholders in medical technology entities begins with a major guiding principle, what we refer to as "Crafting the Exit into the Start-up".

Crafting the Exit into the Start-Up

Achievement of critical mass as well as reimbursement and purchasing dynamics have resulted in significant consolidation in the healthcare industry. These driving forces have made it more difficult for emerging companies not only to position their market entry but also to remain stand-alone entities. The same dynamics have challenged the larger players as they now must manage broader product portfolios and achieve increased growth objectives, factors which impact capitalizing on innovation and responding to market changes.

The issues described above bode favorably for new and emerging technology companies since larger established industry players are continually seeking growth opportunities. New, proven technologies minimize acquirers’ risk, provide for synergistic integration and allow for costs to be further leveraged across existing marketing, distribution and organizational structures.

The Egan Group believes that the resources of an emerging company, brought together with our broad expertise, provides maximum value in minimum time and ensures attainment of the desired exit outcome whether it be an acquisition, a strategic partner relationship or an initial public offering.

The creation and execution vehicle for success is the Egan Group Management Partnership.

Matching Expertise and Experience with Financial Resources

The Egan Group recognizes that in all business endeavors, especially in start-up companies, cash is a precious resource and appropriate use of proceeds is critical for success. In response to this major consideration, the Egan Group offers a flexible fee structure combined with equity eligibility thus aligning goals and incentives while allowing for risk sharing.

Matching Needs with Expertise

As early stage companies evolve, the degree of functional management experience and expertise varies and heightens. The Egan Group’s depth and years of hands-on management experience span a broad range of technologies and disciplines and, thus, can significantly reduce costly overruns, errors and delays. Participating as management partners, the Egan Group effectively meets needs while expediting time to market thus driving increased return on investment and maximum value.

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